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Complaints & Concerns

A concern or complaint can be made in person, in writing or by telephone. They may also be made by a third party acting on behalf on a complainant, as long as they have appropriate consent to do so and we will have to gain consent to discuss anything with the third party.

Parental complaints against school staff (except the Headteacher) should be made in the first instance, to the Headteacher via the Academy office. Please mark any correspondence as Private and Confidential.

Complaints that involve or initially are about the Headteacher (but not about the response to the complaint from the Headteacher) should be addressed to the Education Director (ED), via 91鶹Ʒ, Cheltenham Road, Bristol BS6 5RD or  Please mark them as Private and Confidential.

Complaints about the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or a Trustee of the Trust, should be addressed to the Chair of Trustees, via post to Venturers Trust, Gatehouse Avenue, Bristol, BS13 9AJ or email to Please mark them as Private and Confidential.

Whistleblowing Policy

This policy is applicable to all students, parents and visitors of Venturers Trust and its constituent academies.

It aims to:

  • encourage individuals to feel confident in raising serious concerns, and to question and act upon those concerns;
  • provide avenues for individuals to raise concerns, and then receive feedback on any action taken; ensure that individuals receive a response to their concerns, and that they are made aware of how to pursue them if they are not satisfied with the response;
  • reassure individuals that they will be protected from possible reprisals or victimisation as long as they have a reasonable belief that they have made any disclosure in good faith.

Copies of the full policies for Complaints and Whistleblowing are available at the link below.

A paper copy can also be provided to you from the academy office.


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  • Complaints & Concerns
    • 05/02/2024