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Young Enterprise Success for Year 10 Students

Every year, MHS & V6 Sixth Form participate in the Young Enterprise program, a programme through a national charity that provides young people with education on business enterprise and finance. With over 1,000 schools and numerous students taking part in the company program annually across the UK, this initiative is quite popular with many young people nationwide.

This year a group of Year 10 students have embraced the Young Enterprise challenge, setting up their company and gaining valuable business experience and essential skills. Guided by Mrs. Sims, the group has excelled in developing their business concepts, managing finances, and engaging in sales. Young Enterprise evaluates companies at various stages based on innovation, teamwork, and financial management, amongst other criteria, and the team have really risen to the challenge.

Earlier this year, the team visited HSBC Bank to present their business ideas. Although presenting to unfamiliar representatives from a variety of different business backgrounds; which team members Grace, Iqra, and Malak found highly nerve-wracking; their presentation was well-received, leading them to win the Young Enterprise Innovation Award.

The team has been active in fundraising efforts to support their business ideas, with a successful bake sale raising almost £200. They also ventured into catering with a meticulously planned Soul Food Thursday meal delivery service, tackling challenges like budgeting, forecasting, and recipe development. Their hard work paid off as they raised a significant £350.



Members of the team shared their highlights and challenges during the process:

  • Zainab mentioned that the best part for her was preparing for the Soul Food sale, learning how best to work as a team and ensuring everyone in the team played their part.
  • Danitor expressed happiness in selling her tried-and-tested mac and cheese recipe, though highlighted the challenges of budgeting and recipe calculations.
  • Sasha found satisfaction in providing excellent customer service, while also learning the importance of payment collection for small business owners.
  • Grace reflected on her nervousness during the HSBC presentation but was delighted with the Innovation Award win, expressing her enthusiasm for the Young Enterprise journey.

The group have since attended the regional Young Enterprise final at the University of West of England Business School. Accompanied by Ms Sims and Ms Bray, the afternoon involved setting up a display of the enterprise “Beads and Reads”, together with a trade stand presentation to various business leaders and owners for the afternoon. Students also took advantage of the University life by being able to have some free time to explore and purchase lunch, of which there are a lot of options!

This was followed by a professional presentation in a lecture theatre in front of all guests including students from other schools, staff, representatives from Young Enterprise and entrepreneurs.

Ms Sims said:

The team performance was superb. they supported each other, and all stood up to present in front of a large audience and got involved, a real team effort. We are very proud of our Young Enterprise team this academic year, after a bumpy late start (no fault of their own) they did very well to get to the final. they impressed the judges with their excellent presentation, teamwork and huge fundraising efforts.

Young Enterprise offers a valuable experience for those interested in business careers or willing to take risks and collaborate with others.